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Role of an Education / Career Counselor

Imagine your life’s work as your journey, kind of like a long road you travel. Your education is like picking the car – it takes you on that journey. That journey, with all its twists and turns, is your career. It’s the job you pick, the one that pays the bills and keeps a roof over your head. But that’s not all! You also want a job that makes you happy and lets you learn new things. After all, we spend a lot of time working – like one-third of our lives!

So how do you pick the right road? The one that uses your talents and takes you where you want to go? That’s where career counselors come in. They’re like guides who help you figure out what you’re good at and what kind of work you’d enjoy. They remind you, just like Einstein said, that everyone is good at something. The trick is finding the right thing for you, not trying to be someone you’re not.

These counselors also tell you to keep learning new things, because that’s how you get really good at your job. And guess what? If you love what you do, success is more likely to follow. So, when you’re thinking about school and what to study, remember this: pick something that leads you to the kind of life and career you dream of!


Hi, Hello and Namaste!

I am Poonam Kulkarni, an International Education and Career Consultant. I specialize in helping students with admissions in Europe (including Germany, UK, Netherlands, and other countries), Australia and India, and helping professionals with their career expansion abroad.

My personal journey, from completing B.Tech. in Automation and Control Systems From Southern Federal University, Russia to exploring MSc. Web Science from TH Köln, Germany, has provided me with firsthand insight into the transformative potential of international education. Having lived, studied, and worked across different countries, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when pursuing an international education and career.

My mission is to ensure that this journey is smoother and more fulfilling for you. Whether you’re a student eager to explore universities abroad or a professional seeking international career prospects, I am here to guide you every step of the way.
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About Svasti Consultancy

Svasti Consultancy: Your Partner in Education and Career Success

At Svasti Consultancy, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your academic and career goals. We have years of experience guiding individuals just like you, and we take pride in providing excellent service.

We understand that choosing a career path and navigating the application process can be confusing. That’s why we offer personalized solutions to fit your unique needs and aspirations.

Here's how we can help

Ready to explore a world of exciting opportunities? Let’s embark on a journey together that shapes your future and opens doors to new horizons!

Clear Your Doubts:

We use specialized tests to assess your skills and interests, helping you discover the perfect career path.

Expert Guidance:

Our experienced counselors will provide personalized advice to ensure you make informed decisions aligned with your passions and strengths.

Global Reach:

Whether you want to study or work in India or abroad, we’ll guide you through every step, from selecting the right program to helping with applications.

Beyond Academics:

We offer valuable insights into cultural differences, financial planning, and landing your dream job.


USP 1: Customized Roadmaps for Global Success

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we craft personalized education and career plans tailored to your unique strengths, goals, and constraints. Get matched with the perfect program in Germany, UK, Netherlands, or Australia, and navigate the process with expert guidance every step of the way.

USP 2: Your Bridge to International Education

Bridge the gap between your dreams and studying abroad. We specialize in admissions for top universities in Germany, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Our team of experts empowers you with customized solutions to overcome any challenges and unlock your full potential on the global stage.

USP 3: Unlock Earning Potential While You Learn

Go beyond admissions! We go the extra mile to find programs offering work-study opportunities in Germany, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Reduce financial burdens and gain valuable experience while pursuing your academic goals.

USP 4: Beyond Admissions: Your Lifelong Partner in Success

Our services extend beyond securing your admissions. We offer comprehensive support, including interview preparation, cultural adaptation workshops, and international CV/resume building. We're with you on your journey, from application to thriving in a new environment.

USP 5: Unique Network and Resources

As an aspiring leader, we leverage our unique network and resources to provide unparalleled support for your international education and career aspirations.

About Poonam Kulkarni - Your Guide to Education and Career Success

Poonam Kulkarni is a highly experienced Project Manager with a background in tech, branding, and digital marketing. She has a Master’s degree in Web Science from a prestigious German university.

Beyond her impressive academic background, Poonam brings over 10 years of experience helping students find the right educational path, both in India and abroad. She’s also worked extensively in the corporate world, where she honed her skills in managing teams, building relationships, and improving processes.

What truly sets Poonam apart is her ability to learn quickly and her determined approach to life. She doesn’t just tell you what to do, she takes the time to understand your unique strengths, talents, and interests. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, Poonam is here to guide you towards achieving your goals in this ever-changing world.

With her academic background and real-world experience, Poonam is the perfect partner for anyone looking to take their education or career to the next level.


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"To empower students and parents in India by providing clear guidance and support in navigating the complexities of choosing a career path. Our mission is to help individuals discover and embrace their inherent skill sets, guiding them towards a career that aligns with their passions and aspirations. We are dedicated to assisting students in creating a personalized education path that paves the way for their career dreams to become a reality, ensuring that they not only benefit their community but also find fulfillment and success in their daily endeavors."


"Our vision is to be the leading global career consultant in India, known for our unwavering commitment to helping individuals make informed and confident decisions about their future. We aspire to be the go-to resource for students and parents seeking guidance on choosing the right career path, with a focus on aligning personal strengths with professional aspirations. By fostering a culture of self-discovery and empowerment, we aim to inspire individuals to pursue careers that not only provide for their families but also bring them joy and fulfillment. Through our guidance and support, we envision a future where every individual thrives in a career that is both rewarding and meaningful."

Our Services

1. For Students interested in Higher Education Abroad

Dreaming of studying abroad but overwhelmed by the options? We can help! We are a one-stop shop for a successful international education journey. We specialize in guiding students toward top universities in Europe (Germany, UK, Netherlands) and Australia. Our services include:

Beyond Applications

We offer additional support like crafting international resumes and CVs, interview preparation tips, and workshops to help you adapt to life abroad. These workshops cover topics like cultural etiquette, managing finances, and navigating a new lifestyle.

2. College/ University Admissions

Admission Consultant for India and Abroad admissions.
  • University & Course Consultation
  • Entrance exam preparation
  • Application Documentation
  • Scholarships/ Educational Loan Guidance
  • Visa Assistance
  • Earning while learning - Student Job Assistance
  • Pre and post departure Assistance etc.

3. Inspirational Talks/ Webinars And Training

For their successful entry into the professional world
  • Campus to corporate training
  • Profile building workshop (LinkedIn, Personal website etc.)
  • Exploring Global Careers
  • Intercultural intelligence for future leaders
  • Building a Global mindset
  • Virtual Internships & Experiential learning
  • Managing Finances while studying abroad
  • Overseas Job hunt and many more, addressing groups specific needs..

4. Education & Career path Consultation (8th - 12th std.)

  • Student Profiling based on career assessment test/ psychometric analysis test
  • Career and education path 360 degree consultation
  • Parent consultatio


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